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Work From Anywhere

connecting workforces reliably and securely


"Hybrid Work will remain prominent in 2023 and beyond"

"91M+ workers in the US now able to work remotely"
–McKinsey (World Economic Forum)

"in-office work full-time is dead"
–Nicholas Bloom, Economist at Stanford University


LifeLine’s plug-and-play hardware devices evolved from a “pandemic survival product” to a literal lifeline for employers’ reality wake-up-call of a 500% increase in remote work.

Countless global companies are now Hybrid/Remote-First/Fully Remote as a long-term business strategy. Employers must secure their systems and assets by easily and affordably securing and stabilizing their remote workers’ environments. 

Remote workforces in hybrid environments, hot-desking in-office, digital nomads, independent contractors, gig teams, and travelers benefit from all three LifeLine products –simply plug-and-play– no special technical expertise required:

  • LifeLine Cable: for secure work sessions using any computer

  • LifeLine Connect: for stabilized connectivity

  • LifeLine Assist: for remote IT support –human or AI-guided

LifeLine devices connect PCs to mobile phones to protect employers by securing and stabilizing remote worker environments and potentially infected PCs. End-to-end remote workforce platform enables work from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Connect PCs to any iPhone or Android smartphone.

suite of products

01 / CABLE

Always remain safe.

Secures Employer Systems –provides secure access and simplifies payments to global workers 

Always remain online.

Stabilizes Internet Connectivity – ensures reliable online access and minimizes work interruptions


Always remain running.


Ensures Essential Uptime – troubleshoots, fixes, recovers and backs-up remote worker PCs


Mix-and-Match LifeLine™ Devices
trusted security, connectivity, and support —in-home and on-the-road

How it Works

LifeLine for Good


Sınırsız Türkiye is a new program that enables 15M young Turkish professionals to safely and securely work from anywhere for Europe and US-based organizations.

Powered by LifeLine, and protected by TSAM, Sınırsız Türkiye is the only comprehensive solution that empowers remote offshore workforces, secures employer systems, as well as insures, protects, and defends corporate trade secrets.



LifeLine is the latest spinoff from OptDyn’s Innovation Labs, the result of 20+ years working remotely across globally-distibuted teams, propelled by the pandemic.

LifeLine’s founders are recognized leaders, innovators, and advisors with more than 30 years’ frontline experience developing best-of-breed Open Source technologies and launching industry-defining standards, as well as the organizations behind them. Notable founder and serial startup exits include a NYSE IPO and acquisitions by Red Hat and Google, among others.



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